2019 State Play Production Information

Congratulations to the Wausa-Osmond One Act “The Story of La Llorona”! The Wausa-Osmond team will present on Thursday, December 12th, 2019 at 10 AM. State Play Production is held at the Johnny Carson Theater in Norfolk, NE. Wausa School will not have school on Thursday (12/12/19).

State Play Production Information

Wausa State Play Production History – (Class/Year)

State Champion: D2/2006, D2/2007, D2/2008, D2/2009, D2/2010, D1/2012, D1/2013, D1/2014, D1/2015, D1/2016, D1/2017 Third Place: D1/2011, C1/2018

Qualifying Years: B/1980, C/1983, D2/2006, D2/2007, D2/2008, D2/2009, D2/2010, D1/2011, D1/2012, D1/2013, D1/2014, D1/2015, D1/2016, D1/2017, C1/2018, C1/2019

Outstanding Performance Winners:

  • 2006 Lauren Thorell
  • 2012 Morgan Kumm
  • 2013 Trevor McQuay
  • 2013 Morgan Kumm
  • 2014 Claire Vanness
  • 2015 Ryan Kumm
  • 2015 Regan Hennings
  • 2016 Gaige Hegge
  • 2017 Taylor Kumm