Attn: Weight Room Patrons

With construction and all the new happenings going on at school the weight room door will get an update as well.  The card reader will be replaced with a key fob reader. Once this is in place you will need to come to the office to check out your key fob. There is a $10 deposit for the key fobs to cover any loss or damage to replace the fob. If you no long need to use the weight room you can turn in your key fob and receive your deposit back if its in working condition and not damaged.

Weight room memberships are $55.00 for an INDIVIDUAL for 3 months. Your key fobs will be programmed to turn on the day you purchase the membership and automatically shut off 3 months from that date. You can renew your membership and the key fob will be reactivated.  There will also be the weight room policy/rules from the handbook we will require you to sign when you activate your fob. If you have any questions please contact Katie in the office at 402-586-2255.