JH Track meet @ Creighton 4/18-Order of events

JH Track Creighton Relays tomorrow 4/18 in Creighton. Below is the order of events

1:00- Field Events

*Shot- boys then girls, *Discus- girls then boys, *Long Jump- boys then girls,

*Triple Jump- girls then boys,*Vault- boy then girl,*High Jump- girl then boy

2:00 (or following field events)

*Hurdle Shuttle (5 low hurdles, normal 100/110 spacing)

*4 x 200 Relay, (first lap in lanes, 3rd runner can cut)

*800 Medley Relay (100-100-200-400)- 400 runner can cut

*7th Grade 4 x 100 Relay (only 7th graders)

*8th Grade 4 x 100 Relay (may have 7th graders on it)

*Coed 4 x 100 Relay (boy-girl-boy-girl)

*Coed Weight Person 4 x 100 relay (boy-girl-boy-girl, true shot & discus only)

*4 x 400 Relay