Wausa FBLA National Conference

Wausa FBLA prepares for national conference

The Wausa FBLA Chapter once again rose the occasion at the State Leadership Conference in Omaha.

The Wausa FBLA Chapter will be taking 16 kids to nationals in San Antonio, Texas at the end of June. Wausa FBLA Chapter adviser, Mrs. Dawn Friedrich, applauded the students for their success, noting that it is unique to qualify in such numbers.

“We had a really good year,” Friedrich said. “We took 24 students to the conference and 16 of them actually qualified for nationals in nine different events. “

Friedrich said that a consistent high level of success is due to the high expectations.

“I set the bar high,” she said. “When we go down there, we don’t go into events halfways.”

Students going to SLC, such as chapter secretary Elizabeth Johnson, noted that preparation is key to success.

“We start preparing for the State Leadership Conference in the fall semester,” Elizabeth said.

Mrs. Friedrich said for everybody involved, it is a beneficial experience.

“The networking and meeting other people i think is really important,” Friedrich said. “They are opportunities you get to experience that you don’t if you can’t go.”

Chapter president, senior Ruth Johnson, also highlighted the importance of FBLA in her life.

“FBLA is very important because it gives you life skills that you aren’t taught from other classes,” Ruth said.

Until students depart for NLC in late June, they will be working with Mrs. Friedrich to prepare such events.

“In San Antonio, I am looking forward to the weather for one, and spending time with my chapter and doing my last FBLA activity,” Elizabeth said.