Wausa School Closing Information


This afternoon, Wausa Public Schools’ administration received a recommendation from the North Central District Health Department, recommending a closure of schools for two weeks. Due to this, we will be closing school from March 17 th until March 30 th . During this time, we are suspending all school activities/sports, and we will be closing the school to the public (including the gym and fitness center). Note that there have not as of now been any new confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the Wausa school district. This is a precautionary measure recommended by the NCDHD to prevent community spread. Schools across Antelope, Boyd, Bown, Cherry, Holt, Keya Paha, Rock, Pierce, and Knox Counties are all being recommended to do the same, and we need to listen to our health officials when they have this type of recommendation.

We will work with the NCDHD in two weeks to reassess and re-evaluate when to return to school. Wausa faculty will be meeting tomorrow to determine how to deliver online or packet based educational resources to kids. Many of you may have already received this work. We will have more information to you tomorrow on how to implement the curriculum while you are gone.

Parents and patrons, this has been an unprecedented last two weeks to say the least. We have been deep into meetings with the State Commissioner of Education, the Governor, health department officials, Nebraska Medical center officials, and other state leaders up until this point. Our public health officials are working hard to ensure that the virus does not “spike spread” but instead goes slow enough to allow for health care providers to take care of people when they do obtain the virus. At our school, we will continue to provide you with updates as we receive them, and do our best to try to continue to provide educational opportunities to the students who reside within our district.

Give your health officials thanks and gratitude, they have tough jobs, and those jobs are only going to get tougher as things move ahead. As I stated before, we at the school will provide updates as we move along in this process.
Thank you!

Brad Hoesing
Wausa Public Schools